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Our name simply stands for ‘’Yes, Everything Happens For A Reason.” This quote is our favorite motto and the core philosophy behind our brand.


We are inspired by strong women who dare with elegance and  do things differently. We celebrate women with a unique sense of style and our mission is to empower women through our unique style.


With OUI EHFAR, the possibility to find someone wearing the same piece as you, in the same location is almost impossible.

We offer a few items per style in order to guaranty exclusivity to our clientele.


We are unique, bold & timeless.


Grab it while you see it or you will lose it ; - )



Our designer is a curious artist by nature - and when it comes to fashion, there's nothing that pleases her more than keeping an eye on all the latest news in the industry. Myrtho is also  a fashion stylist and a creative director.


Whether she is wearing one of her many hats, she always brings an enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter that can't be beat. And with her educational background in social sciences, Myrtho has a unique viewpoint of how people interact with fashion and beauty in their everyday lives.


She gets her inspiration from her haitian roots, the multi ethnicity of the city were she was born and raised, Montreal and from the strong women who have influenced her throughout her journey. Her personal mission is to inspire women to reach their full potential and to dare to think out of the box through fashion.


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